Green Tower Financial | Our Team

Justin Thorpe
Chief Executive Officer

Justin Thorpe assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2013 after the death of one of Green Tower Financials’ founding fathers, Harold Thorpe, and Justin has continued his fathers’ legacy to this very day. Mr. Thorpe has developed extensive expertise in estate, tax and corporate financial planning and is very much involved in Green Tower Financials’ daily operations.

Prior to taking charge of Green Tower Financial, Justin was Director of Asset Management where he offered his experience, knowledge and solutions for complicated financial planning situations to high-net worth clients and institutions.

Mr. Thorpe is an Actuary and holds a Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Montreal, as well as speaking fluent French, German and Mandarin.

Lucy Chan
Chief Financial Officer

Lucy Chan joined Green Tower Financial in 2006 as a Senior Portfolio Manager and implemented her financial planning and private wealth management methods. Working closely with some of the top private institutions and building investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, her vision and eye for detail played a key part in Green Tower Financials’ growth, and in 2009, Ms. Chan was made Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining Green Tower Financial, Ms. Chan spent 11 years in the Credit Department of Goldman Sachs and held numerous positions in Corporate Bond Research, High Yield and Corporate Bond Trading.

Ms. Chan holds a degree in Government and International Studies from the Hong Kong University (HKU) and an MBA in Accountancy from the School of Economics and Finance.

David Liew
Chief Compliance Officer

David Liew is the Chief Compliance Officer at Green Tower Financial and has been with Green Tower Financial since 2010. David spends much of his time researching individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds and also provides advice to several Fortune 1000 firms, while providing general investment advice to corporate clients and individuals.

Prior to joining Green Tower Financial, David spent 8 years at HSBC where he held positions in Capital Markets and Institutional Fixed Income Sales.

David holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a minor in Political Science.