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Here at Green Tower Financial we possess a wide range of investment products and services to assist you in order for you to achieve your financial objectives. Our dynamic personnel research and analyse the best possible strategies to complement every individual investors’ needs.

Our vastly experienced research team conduct an in-depth analysis on all the current market information and also from historical trends, which enables us to outline which strategies we implement. Our services include constructing a tailor-made investment strategy which uses a vast array of investment products, and it shows as our clients reap all the benefits.

Wealth Accumulation
Wealth accumulation analyses each individuals’ investment needs and requirements, asset allocation, and the suitability of different types of securities along with your goals and risk tolerance.

Accumulation planning also involves the asset classes of your choice for your investment portfolio. The most common assets are stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Separately managed accounts, option strategies, short-term assets, and annuities are also used to optimize your portfolio.

Asset Management
Here at Green Tower Financial, we meticulously research and analyse every asset class for potential inclusion in our clients’ customised portfolio. These assets can range from private equity funds, hedge funds, private equity and even turning to the global markets for a fully diversified portfolio.

We believe that in order to achieve profitable asset diversification, your capital should be distributed across distinctive asset classes in diverse markets which we actively manage.

Estate Planning
Green Tower Financial has helped many of our private clients and their families to outline and execute estate plans and wealth transfer strategies.

Green Tower Financial will assist you, along with your preferred legal representative or other trusted advisors, to pass on financial security of your loved ones, or pass on your assets to the next generation as well as to ensure the things that are important to you are taken care of, and we ensure that this will be exhausted in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Wealth Transfer
Wealth transfer planning involves the smooth transition and distribution of wealth according to your wishes. With proper estate planning, you decide to whom, how, and when your assets will be distributed, as well as who will manage your estate or business.

Special issues you may deal with are providing financial security for others, planning for children of a previous marriage, equalizing inheritances fairly, and retiring from your business. Wealth transfer planning also involves the management of wealth during disability or incapacity.

Tax Planning
Tax planning is a fundamental aspect of financial planning.  Green Tower Financials’ tax strategy takes a conservative approach that provides you with a regular and continuous income that is free from governmental income taxes.

Our efficient tax strategies pinpointed by our experienced advisors are determined by highlighting advantages of all tax exemptions while making sure that your investments work in tandem with your long-term financial objectives.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is of paramount importance when it comes to living your life after work as the wealth you have accumulated will be your only source of income when you retire. Retirement planning involves analysing your current financial situation and constructing a strategy that will help to maintain your lifestyle.

Retirement years can span decades, and a meticulously thought retirement plan should take centre stage over your alternative financial objectives.

A well constructed retirement plan implemented during the wealth-building life span should increase ways to maximize growth, as well as help to pass down assets to the next generation.

Risk Management
With any type of investment, there is always an element of risk. Our experienced advisors possess deep knowledge and understanding and will highlight all of the various risks involved whilst maintaining your portfolio which enables you to fully grasp all the levels of risk and minimize them.

The local and international markets are continuously evolving, so timing your investment movements in the right way can make significant differences to your overall risk and reward.

At Green Tower Financial, we believe that each individual is unique and each individual has their own personal objectives.  Charitable giving is motivated by both personal and tax incentives as charitable giving which can minimize tax on your income and estate taxes.

Charitable planning involves selecting the gifted property and charitable structure that will target your needs and the objectives that hold great personal value.