Green Tower Financial | Discretionary Investment

Our Discretionary Investment Service provides clients with access to Green Tower Financials’ dynamic investment expertise through a multi-asset class portfolio. We will take full responsibility for round the clock management of your investments, accounting for your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Green Tower Financial will fully manage your investments, putting together the original asset allocation of your portfolio and deciding on calculated modifications throughout the duration of the investment. As the financial markets continue to evolve and become more complex, your portfolio manager will adapt your portfolio to take advantage of market changes and whilst also safeguarding you and keeping your long-term objectives firmly in place.

As part of Green Tower Financials’ Discretionary Investment Service, we act on your behalf to invest in a number of individual securities, both equities and bonds, as a part of our investment strategy. Through this service, clients will directly own all of the investments out-right, Green Tower Financial will simply manage them.